Surfing with Strand _ Environmental Portraits

This last week I was able to connect with surfer Matt Strand through some mutual friends. Matt is sponsored by Fear to Faith Clothing and so we wanted to get some neat environmental portrait shots of him. The alarm at 4:30am came too soon, but we got up and headed down to Laguna/Newport area and found this rocky section which is just want I was envisioning.

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Difference between Full-frame Sensors and Crop Sensors

Buying a camera is a big investment and no small decision. There are many elements and specs to consider and research. One factor of picking a camera is deciding whether to get a full frame (more appropriately called a 35mm frame size) or a crop sensor camera and you may easily overlook it if you're not aware it's an option.

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San Gorgonio in the Snow

4 days... 3 days... 2 days... 1 day away! The weekend was drawing nearer as we prepared ourselves for hiking San Gorgonio, the tallest peak in Southern California. For our experience level, it wasn't going to be anything new or crazy, but things were different this time: the weather. One of the largest weather systems of the past few years was coming in and was going to hit us broadside while we were up on the peak.

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