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San Gorgonio in the Snow

4 days... 3 days... 2 days... 1 day away! The weekend was drawing nearer as we prepared ourselves for hiking San Gorgonio, the tallest peak in Southern California. For our experience level, it wasn't going to be anything new or crazy, but things were different this time: the weather. One of the largest weather systems of the past few years was coming in and was going to hit us broadside while we were up on the peak.

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A Night With A Mosquito

Not by choice, but I can now say I have experienced this. I've been on this road trip across the United States and somewhere in Kansas, I pulled off for the night to sleep as per usual (cause most humans need sleep). As was my routine I moved around my gear to clear my bed space, laid out my sleeping bag, cracked the window slightly next to me and put the bug netting over it, took off my shoes and crawled inside my home on four wheels. I'd say I got super cozy and snuggled into my bag, but in truth it was hot and humid that night. So I laid on top of my bag and stripped of all reasonable clothes. After a minute or two of lying there in slight misery, I heard the noise that all people of all nations dread; the faint buzz of that little blood-sucking nemesis. 

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