Photo and Video for Outdoor Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

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My company isn't based in Salt Lake City where you are; can I still work with you?

Yes, absolutely! I do travel for my work, both nationally and internationally. My base prices for services are the same, but specific travel costs will be mutually discussed and varies per project depending on your specific scenario and location. 


How do you do your pricing?

My pricing is always custom per project. I think this important because it allows clients the freedom to tailor their project according to their needs and budget without feeling locked into a set price that isn't specific for them. In most cases it is a per project base, so that both I and the client have a clear expectation of budget. I never want to go into a project with a client fearing the outcome price. For this reason, I try and avoid hourly pricing in most cases.


Your homepage mentions 'satisfaction GUARANTEE'. What does that mean exactly?

Were the case to arise (which it never has) in which you were not pleased with the outcome of your project in accordance with the expectations laid out in our contract or lack of quality, I will give money back to the degree which I fell short, up to the full amount of the project. As a business, I highly value our reputation and the quality we produce; I don't ever want money to get in the way of a client's satisfaction.


My company isn't exactly an 'outdoor brand' but I want to work with you. Can I still?

Please do not hesitate to ask about your specific project, I do work with some companies that do not fit the exact mold of an 'outdoor brand'. With that said, I don't take every project that comes my way as some are simply too far removed. For example, I'm not going to do your wedding, I'm not going to do fashion photos for Abercrombie and Fitch, and I'm not going to do product photography of your food for your restaurant (unless you have some unique restaurant placed in a forrest, serving luxury pinecones on cedar plates). On the other hand, I've done work for a gun safe company, architecture and property photos for a rental cabin in the mountains, and some automobile work with cars that have an 'outdoorsy' vibe (aka. Subaru).